Thursday, 22 September 2016

Term 3 Class Reflection - it was a great term!

We have had a busy term. The children have lots of happy memories and have learned all sorts of skills. Here are their thoughts:

This term we have been learning About instructions. we had to give clear and easy to understand we gave instructions but I didn't work out so good so we tried again and we learned from our mistakes and we did it much better next  time (sam) this term we have been doing technology projects like flatpack models we had to find same inspirations online and then we had to find our favourite models and do a prototype 2 times and then we could do the final product so we learned from our mistakes.(sam) we have been reading we had to make a poster on a character in our book I Did sir captain spooner Briggs I found it hard because there was quite a lot of of things about him. (Sam)

Rebecca - I liked discovery time, I liked playing with the cooking set and I liked pretending that I was cooking with the set. I also liked playing with the play dough, I made Sophie’s name in play dough.

This term we have been gardening new world have gave us little garden.

GG: This year I like to do discovery time it is fun we need to work in a team and show panekiretangna. we built forts it was very fun and pretending it was a plane and I was the pilot.

This term i learned how to advertise really well because my class had never done a fundraiser before. Because some of us had never done it befor she drew out a template to show us what it should look like. We had to make sure it was

I like doing the chicken because we get there eggs and we clean beds and feed
them at gardening.
I like gardening we have lots of vegetables and we have nearly all the little gardens we need dill.
cullen and I water the plants

Blake - I like rugby because it makes me fit and that is why I came second in cross country I have always came in the top five in cross country my first year I came 5th my second I came 3rd my third year I came 4th and my fourth year I came 2nd I think I will come 1st next year and beat lachie because I will be playing rugby next year and I'll play against Ollie. We have been gardening I liked it be as well did new world little gardens I'm planting cauliflower it take five to ten days to sprout I like my class.

Stanley - What I liked about this term was learning about social skills because it improved what I was not good at, working with others. We had to do this the fun way through discovery time it wasn't just about working with others but also cooperating with others
For five weeks we did discovery time to really get it in our minds so when we are in this situation we will immediately know what is the problem.

Hannah: in class we have are own little gardens from new world i have mint it hasn’t grown yet because it says in the little booklet that every one got and for mint it says it will be ready to harvest in 60 or 70 days. Also in class we have been saving up for the zoo we are fundraising apple crumbles lemonade and also we just did the closing down book fair. we had 9 boxes full of toys and books and now we are down to 2 boxes. we got to pick 4 books and toys for free just for our class and the leftovers joy took them to a 2nd hand store.   

In class we have a little garden we are looking after. We got some calendars we can look up the plants and when they can be planted. My one I planted was carrot. It hasn't started growing yet. Some of them have started to grow but mine hasn't. They come in little pots. The soil is fun to use it comes like a tablet and if you put it in 50mls of water and plant them. The seed holders come in packs of 4 so if one doesn't grow hopefully they others will. I love planting the little garden. About half of them have grown so I mine will soon grow too.

Issraa & Nikita - In our class we have been planting awesome stuff like chilli & capsicum. And more .We water them every day and put them I the sunshine. They come in little boxes

I really enjoyed doing discovery this term. I liked making the winstin family, ( a tinfoil family), and making the Bob book. There's bob, bobette, bobina, bobble, boo, bobruff (the dog) in the Winstin family. We also made clothes and accessories (e.g, handbags, newspaper, so on.

In our class we have done discovery we have done a lot of activities.

Joe: this term we have been doing little gardens and if you spend $40 at new world you get a plant. I got a really cool chill .I really like  doing gardening and it’s amazing to see the plant grow. I discovered lots of plants too.  

I really enjoyed gardening. I learnt lots new techniques in the garden. I also discovered lot of creatures in the all of the gardens, the best part was when I learnt the name of all the gardens was such a suprise when you got all the little garden but disappointing not getting dill.

Ava & Lydia
Our favorite thing that we did this term was photography. We got taught by joy's husband. You know how they show photos at the start of their weather, well, Have you ever seen the name FRASER KITT on it ? if you have thats joy's husband
This is our closing down book sale. We made $102.
We learned about designing by figuring out how to make flatpqck models. Thisnis Emily's house and tree.


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  1. Hi Flou7ish! What a cool summary of Term 3! I have really enjoyed reading your post. I was SO impressed to hear that you made $102 from the book sale! Wow! That's great.