Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Easter fun

The kids were on fire today. Super independent in doing their catching up and finishing off work chores this morning and then they made the curtest easter bunny egg decorations from a pin on pintest.
Then in the afternoon we had our buddies over and made collage easter egg pictures together.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


This is some of the gardens that we planted. They took a long time to grow.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Camp week - Friday - camping

Today we brought our tents and ended up with about fifteen on the field. We moved in after RE and had a great time n them all day. The boys had a go at having conker fights using conkers we picked up on Monday at Bledisloe Park. We got to cook our lunch and we had four firemen come and help us light fires to cook smores.
They even taught us how firemen carry their hoses to the fire.
We finished off with a singsong before we took the tents down and struck camp. 
What a fantastic week of fun and learning. Have a look at our blogs for our personal take on the week.
Many thanks to the firemen and the many mums and dads who came and helped us walk, swim, play, do science, camp and cook.

Camp week - Thursday - Swim

Although the weather wasn't perfect for swimming we still had an awesome time when we had the WHOLE school to ourselves for our swim day. Joy was down in the pool with a boat and we got to try out wearing lifejackets. We worked together to build a water park with a waterslide and the sprinkler. We had water rockets but that ended up being a bit too hard to make work properly which just meant we had more time making the water park!! Finally Danielle helped us think about how boats carry such heavy loads when we were making tinfoil boats on the deck.

Camp Week - Wednesday - Art Day

While Joy went to Waikanae to visit the year fives at camp...
The rest of the team did some gorgeous art with Brenda, Suzanne and Rebecca. 

Have a look in the library and at the back of the stage in the hall to see the results.

Camp week - Tuesday - Construction

Today we took over Poutama because the seniors had all gone to camp. We rotated around five activities throughout the day - Imaginz, lego, build a tall tower, build something that will support a pile of books out of newspaper, and have a go with the robots. This was a big day for practicing our cooperative skills. We had to work in quite big groups to use the equipment. We had some great successes building the weight bearing structures - the record was over 70 books!!

Camp week - monday - Walk and Climb

We had a lovely morning strolling in Bledisloe Park. Thanks to all the mums who came we could also splash and play in the stream. The best part was was working together to build the dam...or was it throwing the mud?
In the afternoon we went Kids Republic for a play and a climb. For some of us we had to really pullour courage    together into a bunch to have a go at the climbing wall. For others being hot and tired meant we had to work hard to play fair and stay relaxed all afternoon. But we must have done a good job because the KR staff thanked us for being the best school they had ever had and gave us all a sweet to eat.