Monday, 23 May 2016

Busy day

We did s much today. We figured out why rulers are important and how they work. We made rain gauges so we can measure the rainfall (but they are inside for the night cos Joy felt bad leaving them outside untended!
We all went had learned a bit of a dance from Dean. He is looking for kids to be in a dance team for the Dance NZ made competitionnin August. 
These guys loved it so much they decided to put their names on the list and learn the dance for the auditions. Yay you!
Then this afternoon we started on our new science tooic - the sun. We all have stuff to read and reading projects to complete. How many things can you think of that give off light?

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Watching the wind

Today we brought our learning about the weather to a close. We made pinwheels that catch the wind and anemometers that can measure the speed of the wind. 

We have been looking at the Beaufort Scale which allows us to use what the wind is doing the trees to allow us to judge how fast the wind is blowing. Today was a force 5 cos it was making small trees bend.
We also had a think about how the wind can help us - wind powered electricity, dryng things out, blowing clouds away, sailing, flying kites..and had a competition between the wind and a hair dryer to dry some ponytails (thanks Katelyn and Ava!).

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Star time - thursday pm

Each week we are joining rm 6 and 11 to learn about different constellations and the stories people have told about the pictures they can see in the stars. Last week we learned the story of Scorpius the scotpion in the eastern sky. This week we had Leo the lion. We also went to the Sky astronomy tool that visited the school this week. We sat in the dark dome and they showed us the constellations and planets.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Aspect of learning for this term

Las term our focus for being better learners was to learn how to work with others. When you visit our classroom you will see we have added leaves to our sunflowers showing our strengths when working in a group. 
This term our aspect is persistence. We have begun by thnking about how having a pllan and getting organised can support our attempts to keep on track and keep going with the pressure goes on.
Today we made a list of exactly what having a plan will look and sound like.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Term 2 is underway

What a great start to the term. We welcomed Jared to the team. He has come from Newbury school and brought his great attitude with him.
We had a chance to revisit what we knew about ANZAC day and the battles for the Gallipoli Penninsular by building a model of the landscape in the sandpit.
After lunch we teamed up with Rm 6 so Brenda could begin helping us learn how to use verbs, in sentences, in te reo. The two classes worked together well and completed the task of making flashcard for about 60 verbs! Way to go.
This term we are studying the weather and the sun. For art and for a project with rm 6 and11 we will also be studying the stars and constellations so be prepared to be out in the garden after dinner looking at the view overhead. The children will need to download the Met service app and "sky map2" app to help the with their learning. If they do not have an ipad but you have room on your phone to have these apps for the term it would be a great help for home discussions and we can share devices at school.
We will continue to work in the gardens on Wednesdays from 11.30 -1 so if you could spare us some time to help we would love to have you. Thanks to Vanessa and Vic for their help so far.