Sunday, 31 July 2016

Discovery time week2

This week we are focused on filling each other's buckets with good feelings. We are using ooblek ( a non- newtonian fluid made of cornflour and water) as an analogy of how when we rush up to people demanding their attention we can often hit a brick wall. It shows how if you approach people softly and gently then you can often ease into their friendship.
We are also
Making tinfoil models
Making lolly cake
Playing dressups...and who knew you could have so much fun with a fitted sheet?
Mini sandpit
Origami and papercraft
Making tents and forts
Bonding in the ooblek tank!
We are asking the children to write each other messages to fill up these buckets. At the end of the week they will be able to glue all the messages in their literacy books to keep and reread.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

New Chapter Chat book

We are into our third cahpter chat book - the Faraway tree. One of the magical lands the children gomto is Topsy Turvey land. Here we are having a topsy turvey start to the day...not very comfortable.
And then we ended the week at school singing with a dance off....

Week 1 homework

Over the weekend can you please
1. Look for anything in your homes that is important to you and is the right colour for your crayon art. Take a photo of it and send it to yourself. Be ready to porint it out when 6ou getbto school on Monday ready to add it to your picture in the afternoon.

2. Bring an ice cream container to help improve our scrap collection for the chickens.

3. Watch the weather on TV1 at 7pm and see what sort of photos they like so you have an idea what you want to do when Fraser comes next week to give a photography lesson.


We are gnoming on Thursday afternoons this term. This week we planted some seeds for spring in root trainer pots to put in the greenhouse to get them started. Then we tidied up the area behind room1 and the library so it is safe for the room 1 kids to use asa play area. Whatbhard workers you are. 

Off to a great start once more

What a busy week we have had. We are working more closely with Brain busters this term. On Mondays we are working on our social skills and problem solving skills with Discovery time. 
Paper craft
Sandpit - yes! a mini one inside.
Building tents.
Jigsaw puzzles.
Then on Tuesday to Thursday we are sharing the two rooms to complete maths and litearcy tasks as well as meetingnour teachers for readin. Maths and writing lessons. The big challenge is to use the time we are not with our teachers properly so we can get all,our independent tasks finished by lunchtime on Thursday. Everyone did pretty well this week which meant we could encourage the kids in room 6 who haven't worked like that before. It will be good practise for Poutama next year.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Book and toy sale

What a fantastic group. What a great day.
The hawkers.
The crowds.

The shops......the profits? We made $360 today. Kapai. Tu meke tamariki ma.
Have a lovely holiday.