Thursday, 16 June 2016

Reading at home

Everyone needs to read their book every night to be ready for next week. Remember - you are all old enough to read to yourself at least once and to read in the car on trips or in bed before you go to sleep. "Being busy" is not an excuse for not making time to learn.

Group A
- "The Sun" read the pages 1-7 every night ready for Monday. Looking for interesting new facts to use in your cause and effect poster.
- "Hatupatu and the birdwoman" - think about the ways the author 'tells' the story - how do they get the details into your head using language.

Group C - Connected 2 - read the section on thunder and lightning and hail. make a note of all words you stumble over or for which you do not have a clear understanding. we will discuss them on Monday.

Group B - make your way through the book. make a note of the sections you found the most interesting or had new information to add to that you may already have read. Be ready to discuss it next week.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

World of maths

Today we met Graham who bought all sorts of awesome maths games with him. 
Level up - you had to see which shape fitted in to the row. Strategy - guess and check.
Startegy was guess and check  - about weights. Measuring actvity.
Drive along - hard because the ball kept going down the hole. Had to think about directions, you alsohad to  measure  with ir's own units.
Tangrams - geometry. Some we had to think hard about.
Down the mine - adding up to 10. Comparing numbers.
Down the hill. Counting like in down the mine.
Mirror building - the maths was 3D shapes, and reflecting shapes, half the picture was real and half was in the mirror.
Area and perimeter - which shape has the biggest area.
What makes a box? Only one did not cover the mouse trap because it didn't have enough side. Strategy was guess and check. 

Hannah and Issraa are our best runners.

Issraa and Hannah went to the interschool cross country today. It was really muddy!!!!! Check out the state of their shoes!!
Well done.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Fantastic effort

Hopefully you have all ahd time to view the assembly we did on Friday, on the school website. The children all devised their own little plays and presentations then practised like mad in every soare minute over the last two hectic weeks. We ahve had many positive ( and positively glowing) comments since. Here some photos of them at work: