Thursday, 25 February 2016

Bean seed dissection

Today we dissected some bean seeds to find out how the baby plant fits in there. We used all our senses to see, then think, then wonder up sme questions.
Now we are growing bean seeds to see what they do when they germinate.

Successful fundraising

We have had an amazing week doing our first fundraiser for the chickens. We will be doing morefundraising  through the year to fund various class projects but this was a great start. We made 131 apple crumbles that we sold for $5 each which means we made more than $600 and have $450 profit. Here we are hard at work making them.
We had a stall every day for three days and here is one of them. People were very keen to buy the crumbles so we had to take orders!!
Stay tuned for our next venture.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Moderating our literacy project

For the last two weeks we have been pursuing an understanding of what the parts of a plant are. We have been researching, collecting onformation and organising it as well as drawing an informative diagram. On Thursday we finished them off and on Friday we decided how well we had  achieved the success criteria.. We knew what we were supposed to do but we then had to decide what we would consider better work, a higher achievement, and what work would look like when the person had needed more help.
We then put our work under the heading we felt represented how well we had achieved. We discussed other people's decisions and came to an agreement about what was good work, better work and who needed help to do more. It was a very interesting conversation. Our work is now on display so come and have a look.

Week 4 Planner

This is what we are doing and these are the goals for learning we are working on:

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Observational drawing

As scientists our most important skill is to be able to observe things clearly.
Today we made detailed drawings of the weeds we found in the garden yesterday.
It made us realise how hard the artists, who went with explorers, had to work to bring home all the information they discovered on their travels. 
We had to
Obsrve closely said Sam...look at it and see all the right shapes and collect details.
Do the simplest thing - lachie
Lokked at the parts - rebecca
Sofina_ look at how it goes together
Kate - Draw what is actually
Mike - slow down and draw slowly