Sunday, 31 July 2016

Discovery time week2

This week we are focused on filling each other's buckets with good feelings. We are using ooblek ( a non- newtonian fluid made of cornflour and water) as an analogy of how when we rush up to people demanding their attention we can often hit a brick wall. It shows how if you approach people softly and gently then you can often ease into their friendship.
We are also
Making tinfoil models
Making lolly cake
Playing dressups...and who knew you could have so much fun with a fitted sheet?
Mini sandpit
Origami and papercraft
Making tents and forts
Bonding in the ooblek tank!
We are asking the children to write each other messages to fill up these buckets. At the end of the week they will be able to glue all the messages in their literacy books to keep and reread.

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