Wednesday, 15 June 2016

World of maths

Today we met Graham who bought all sorts of awesome maths games with him. 
Level up - you had to see which shape fitted in to the row. Strategy - guess and check.
Startegy was guess and check  - about weights. Measuring actvity.
Drive along - hard because the ball kept going down the hole. Had to think about directions, you alsohad to  measure  with ir's own units.
Tangrams - geometry. Some we had to think hard about.
Down the mine - adding up to 10. Comparing numbers.
Down the hill. Counting like in down the mine.
Mirror building - the maths was 3D shapes, and reflecting shapes, half the picture was real and half was in the mirror.
Area and perimeter - which shape has the biggest area.
What makes a box? Only one did not cover the mouse trap because it didn't have enough side. Strategy was guess and check. 

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