Thursday, 16 June 2016

Reading at home

Everyone needs to read their book every night to be ready for next week. Remember - you are all old enough to read to yourself at least once and to read in the car on trips or in bed before you go to sleep. "Being busy" is not an excuse for not making time to learn.

Group A
- "The Sun" read the pages 1-7 every night ready for Monday. Looking for interesting new facts to use in your cause and effect poster.
- "Hatupatu and the birdwoman" - think about the ways the author 'tells' the story - how do they get the details into your head using language.

Group C - Connected 2 - read the section on thunder and lightning and hail. make a note of all words you stumble over or for which you do not have a clear understanding. we will discuss them on Monday.

Group B - make your way through the book. make a note of the sections you found the most interesting or had new information to add to that you may already have read. Be ready to discuss it next week.

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