Saturday, 12 March 2016

Camp week - monday - Walk and Climb

We had a lovely morning strolling in Bledisloe Park. Thanks to all the mums who came we could also splash and play in the stream. The best part was was working together to build the dam...or was it throwing the mud?
In the afternoon we went Kids Republic for a play and a climb. For some of us we had to really pullour courage    together into a bunch to have a go at the climbing wall. For others being hot and tired meant we had to work hard to play fair and stay relaxed all afternoon. But we must have done a good job because the KR staff thanked us for being the best school they had ever had and gave us all a sweet to eat.

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  1. Thanks Joy and Brenda and others for organising such a great week. So much to coordinate. From what I heard the students really enjoyed their week to try out some new activities and overcome some challenges and goals they had set for themselves.